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Fonthill Elevation B

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Upper Unionville - New Phase Available in Markham New Development

New Homes For Sale in Markham, ON

Development Overview

Within walking distance of historic Main Street Unionville, four of the GTA’s most respected builders are creating a heritage inspired community with a contemporary flair.  Beautifully designed homes and unique streetscapes blend seamlessly into green space to create a pedestrian friendly environment.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale Part 1

Agreement of Purchase and Sale Part 2

All Offers are firm
Mortgage Pre-Approval is required
Please bring photo identification and 4 blank cheques

New Homes in Upper Unionville - New Phase Available in Markham

Detached 42'

Gainsville Elevation A Gainsville Elevation B Rosemead Elevation A
Gainsville Elevation A
Size: 2640 SQ.FT
Temporarily Sold Out
Gainsville Elevation B
Size: 2666 SQ.FT
Temporarily Sold Out
Rosemead Elevation A
Size: 2673 SQ.FT

Related Elevations:
Rosemead Elevation B

Fonthill Elevation A Fonthill Elevation B Main Street Elevation A
Fonthill Elevation A
Size: 2742 SQ.FT
Temporarily Sold Out
Fonthill Elevation B
Size: 2742 SQ.FT
Sold Out
Main Street Elevation A
Size: 2948 SQ.FT

Related Elevations:
Main Street Elevation B

Cranberry Elevation A Springwood Elevation B
Cranberry Elevation A
Size: 3166 SQ.FT
Springwood Elevation B
Size: 3307 SQ.FT
Temporarily Sold Out
Related Elevations:
Cranberry Elevation B

Detached 38'

Kerrigan Elevation A Orchard Hill Elevation A Dalecroft Elevation A
Kerrigan Elevation A
Size: 2518 SQ.FT
Orchard Hill Elevation A
Size: 2656 SQ.FT
Temporarily Sold Out
Dalecroft Elevation A
Size: 2961 SQ.FT
Temporarily Sold Out
Related Elevations:
Kerrigan Elevation B

Related Elevations:
Orchard Hill Elevation B

Related Elevations:
Dalecroft Elevation B

Detached 34'

Briarwood Elevation B Hedgewood Elevation A
Briarwood Elevation B
Size: 2292 SQ.FT
Hedgewood Elevation A
Size: 2483 SQ.FT

Related Elevations:
Hedgewood Elevation B

Semi Detached 28'

Wentworth Elevation A Greencroft Elevation A Greencroft Corner Elevation A
Wentworth Elevation A
Size: 2006 SQ.FT
Greencroft Elevation A
Size: 2117 SQ.FT
Greencroft Corner Elevation A
Size: 2177 SQ.FT
Related Elevations:
Wentworth Elevation B
Wentworth Elevation C
Wentworth Elevation D

Related Elevations:
Greencroft Elevation B
Greencroft Elevation C
Greencroft Elevation D

Related Elevations:
Greencroft Corner Elevation C

Semi Detached 25'

Redwood Elevation A Glenbrook Elevation A Glenbrook Elevation D - Lot503L
Redwood Elevation A
Size: 2019 SQ.FT
Glenbrook Elevation A
Size: 2130 SQ.FT
Glenbrook Elevation D - Lot503L
Size: 2130 SQ.FT
Related Elevations:
Redwood Elevation B
Redwood Elevation C
Redwood Elevation D

Related Elevations:
Glenbrook Elevation B
Glenbrook Elevation C
Glenbrook Elevation D

Glenbrook Elevation C - Lot503R
Glenbrook Elevation C - Lot503R
Size: 2139 SQ.FT

Townhouse 25'

Juniper Elevation A Yorkton Elevation A Harbord Elevation A
Juniper Elevation A
Size: 1673 SQ.FT
Yorkton Elevation A
Size: 1775 SQ.FT
Harbord Elevation A
Size: 1900 SQ.FT
Related Elevations:
Juniper Elevation B

Related Elevations:
Yorkton Elevation B

Related Elevations:
Harbord Elevation B

Langley Elevation A Gable Corner Elevation A
Langley Elevation A
Size: 1986 SQ.FT
Gable Corner Elevation A
Size: 2179 SQ.FT
Related Elevations:
Langley Elevation B

Related Elevations:
Gable Corner Elevation B

Upper Unionville - New Phase Available in Markham is located in the heart of Markham, ON


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